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I used Gansie for a two-week trial period and I love it. How much I love the product is surprising because I was already using an all natural product that I thought couldn’t be beat. The Gansie oil has all the qualities of my usual product, but it’s better because it isn’t greasy. This is an amazing oil!

Maria C. Phoenix, AZ

I’ve been using Gansie’s Your Daily Miracle Oil for four months. I’m very impressed with my results in such a short period of time. I have sensitive skin that’s a combination of oily and dry patches. Since using this product my friends have commented that I have a fresh look to my face. I’ve noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and my skin has a glow I haven’t seen in years! The product is easy to use, and it works great. I’ve used many products for my face, and they’ve all come up short. Gansie’s skincare product has proven itself superior to anything I’ve tried. It’s amazing what a natural product can do!

Dr. Julie Peterson
Management Consultant and Executive Coach

I am 52 years young, and I used the product for 1 month twice a day. I have sensitive skin and had amazing results. I saw a reduction in fine lines and pore size. My skin tone evened out, and felt much smoother. I definitely had softer skin. I recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin, I didn’t break out after using it like I do with most other oils I have tried. An I love the smell!

Thanks, Clarrisa B.

I used the Facial Harmonizing Oil after a spray on tan that made all my freckles and age spots very dark. While you have the tan effect it’s not so bad, however as it wears off, the age spots and freckles stay dark, and very prominent. I immediately started using the Facial Harmonizing Oil, and within 2 days my skin was back to it’s usual coloring, and when it was on my skin…the word Harmonizing fits, it almost felt like my skin was thanking me for using it. My skin also feels much softer. I haven’t even used the oil for a week! I am happy to report back more beneficial results once I’ve used it for a longer period of time.

Happy to be Harmonizing, Mary Costa

I am 44 yrs of age and I have been using Gansie’s Your Daily Miracle Oil for 1 year. I have dry to combination skin. Since using this product my skin is even toned and has a glow I haven’t seen for years! The product is easy to use and it works fast. As a pharmacist I am aware of the damage chemicals can cause to the cells and therefore I appreciate the carefully chosen ingredients straight from nature that are luxurious but have not been overly processed. I also especially like Gansie because I do not have a tight uncomfortable face after use and I can go straight from cleansing on to my Hot Yoga class without having moisturizer dripping in my eyes. This product is sure to win anyone over with one try.

Sincerely, Dr. Kaye H. PharmD. Scottsdale AZ.

Your Daily Miracle Harmonizing Face Oil - $59.95

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Your Daily Miracle is a golden colored harmonizing oil and has a nice herbal scent accented with some floral notes. Harmonizing oils moisturize and assist cleansing. It’s a chemical free way to combat aging. The ingredients were carefully chosen for their anti aging and anti inflammatory properties. After the quick application your skin will feel fresh and smooth. Results seen from happy customers are as follows

- Skin feels smoother
- Saw the appearance of the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
- Saw the apprearance of even skin tone
- Brighter skin
- Reduction in blemish outbreaks

Read the testamonies about how Your Daily Miacle has benefited others!

Make Love Not War

Gansie’s Your Daily Miracle Harmonizing oil is a unique cleanser and moisturizer. The product can  be used as both for your face. I prefer to wash my face with a cleanser. Then use the harmonizing oil especially if I have had makeup on or have been sweaty that day.

The oil is applied to the  face should not be feared. Your skin naturally produces oil. Many products today strip the skin of its natural oils and take it out of balance. Our bodies like to keep things in homeostasis= harmony or balance. So when we strip the skin of the natural oils the oil glands sense the imbalance and puts out more and will over compensate when we continue to do it over and over again. Hmmmm this may explain why those skincare items we have used or are using seem to work for a while but then our skin rebels and breakouts occur,oily slick skin that require blotting, runny makeup during the day! Sound familiar?

So why go through this, use Harmonizing Oil! I could go on and on again about this and am passionate because I have been on the skincare merry go round just like you and now Gansie has the remedy.   Why Oil? In chemistry there is a rule called like dissolves like. This is where the oil cleansing method comes from meaning if the substances molecules are similar in structure they will dissolve into the solvent. So yes, an oil can work like this on your skin but not just any type, carefully chosen ones for their unique similarity to sebum and,healing properties. No Petrocemicals Here! Harmonizing oil not only addreses the oil balance it also adresses the aging issues with carefully picked essential oils and base oils to fight aging,uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles,rough skin, and blemishes.

Skin Toxins Beware

So many of us are looking for ways to reduce our comsumption of toxins. The 1st thing we all look at is our diet. This isnt new eat more fruits and veggies that are organic and or pestcide free is best, organic and or grass fed meats if you partake in meat.

Every day we are exposed to toxins thru the food and our environment. We have control over the food mostly. The environment not so much. Many time toxins are talked about in those two repects only. But we are becoming more informed and savvy that if what we eat and breath could be toxic then what about my skin. I have control of what I put on my skin.

People are label concious of the food packaging. The trend is following into the items they put on thier skin. But what should they be looking for?

Skin care products can be a little more complex than reading a food package. I look for food packages that are relativly short if warrented. The packages should be in plain english ex: flour sugar eggs,baking powder. Where as you look at your skincare product ingredients in it takes verbal acrobatics to pronunce. Well today I am going to give you some hints as what to watch for. Just a few as there are many toxic materials used.

  1. Parabens- has shown some evidence of having some estrogenic activity. Estrogen can be fuel to breast cancer tumors
  2. Methylisothiazolinone and methylchlorosothiazolones associated with contact dermatitis and a possible neurotoxin
  3. Formaldehyde not used in many products any longer but watch for DMDM Hydantoin, quarternium, and urea compounds release formadehyde.

Gansie reasearches the ingredients they use and u wont find any of the above in any of their products. Give gansie a try and help reduce your exposure to toxins you control.